Interactive plug-ins for Conky

Welcome to where you can get free and cool plug-ins for Conky. Conkybots are and always will be free under the GPL version 3.

This is a hobby project so updates may happen frequently or with a huge delay as I have time.  The is no guarantee with Conkybots, just that I successfully use them on a variety of platforms every day.



Read as many feeds as you like simply by adding them to a list of RSS feeds. Hovering the mouse over an item shows more details and clicking it opens your default web browser.



Get a weather forecast for any region simply by entering the location code in a configuration file.

Coming soon

And in no particular order:

  • LauncherBot: Program launcher built into Conky.
  • TaskBot: Task manager built into Conky.
  • SystemBot: Display many of the Conky sensors but in a more interactive and interesting way.
  • ConfigureBots: A configuration program for ConkyBots.